A newbie blogger. A rusher. Loves food. Likes to travel. Enjoys reading other blogs. Interested in digital photography.



  1. Hello! Welcome to wordpress! Thanks for commenting on my blog and for the other blog with Bacolod restaurants. I like your blog too. Is this your first time blogging? I like your pictures.

    It made me hungry! But thanks for the warning about Luk Yuen. I will stay away from that restaurant from now on. I had plans to eat there too.

    some suggestions:

    I guess you should have a uniform size to your pictures. It’s a bit disconcerting if the pictures are different sizes.

    Other than that: Wala na! Good luck and keep on blogging! I’ll add you to my blog roll.

    I made another food blog and its about junkfood! Please check it ou. Bago bago lang din to. I’m also looking for contributors


  2. hi, im not sure if you got my other comment here on your page so I’m typing it again.

    Hello and welcome to wordpress! I like your blog a lot too! It has very nice information and I love your cookie picture as well as the Luk Yuen article. I was going to eat there but after your review, I decided not to.

    I suggest that you make all your pictures uniform size as it is a bit disconcerting if they are different sizes. Other than that, your blog is very fun to read too. I like the cute cookies, I like the picture of your son and the HUGE shake. Don’t make him finish it next time! It’s bad for kids to eat too much sugar.


    Anyway, I’m going to add you to my blogroll. BTW I made another blog with JUNKFOOD as its main theme. It’s brand new so please visit and if you want to contribute an article for it, please email me at swamp_ooze@yahoo.com with pics and your opinion.


  3. Thanks for your comments, compliments and suggestion!

    Yes, it’s my first time blogging and I’m having fun with it.

    That’s my nephew, not my son hehe… he just took a sip and didn’t like the taste of it. I’m wondering how to make the pictures in uniform sizes…

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