Posted by: twisted sunshine | December 8, 2012

Ramen Bar – Magnolia

I am a block away from Magnolia but I found out about Ramen Bar from The Pickiest Eater. The pictures on his blog are so enticing, plus we wanted to slurp some noodles and hot soup that night. So we decided to give Ramen Bar a try.

I like how simple their menu is and they’ve also put up translations for newbie ramen enthusiasts like me. Their menu is also the placemat and they have a small laminated board which has the seasonal menu.

Simple wooden interiors and red printed walls.


Our first order was cheese gyoza from the seasonal menu. I couldn’t quite taste the cheese, the gyoza filling was kind of overpowering the cheese. But I like how it is deep fried and not pan fried. Yummy until the last bite!

Our next order was Yakiniku Rice Topping. Thin strips of beef marinated in the special sauce topped with lemongrass or might be leeks on a bed of fluffy rice. I could eat this everyday and not get tired of it. Wrinting about it is making me crave for it now.

Shoyu 2.0 Ramen – version 2 of their shoyu ramen. We loved how the noodles were ‘al dente’ and the soup was seasoned just right! It was a mixture of pork and chicken broth, very flavorful. The toppings were naruto, marinated soft boiled egg, slices of pork and a lot of green onions and shallots. We had to order an extra bowl of soup because we still had noodles but no more soup.

As for dessert, we tried the Tempura Ice Cream. Vanilla ice cream coated in tempura batter and fried! Topped with a wafer stick and drizzled with chocolate syrup on a bed of interesting looking thingie. Perfect way to end dinner.

Currently, they have a contest. It will run until January 14, 2012. See posters for details! 😉


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