Posted by: twisted sunshine | December 7, 2012

Tokyo Cafe – SM North Edsa

Tokyo Cafe at SM North EDSA — near the main building going to The Block. Cute little cafe with a food display so realistic, you’d simply drool.

Mama and I wanted some snack when we passed by Tokyo Cafe and gave it a try. We shared orders since we’d still be having dinner at home.

Strawberry Orange Smoogee P125
Flavors fighting one over the other… At first I could taste the freshly squeezed orange juice then the next sip would taste like strawberries! Refreshing! Not overly sour but not too sweet either.

Yoshi Burger P165
I know Yoshi from the Super Mario Bros. game, I wonder if this was made from Yoshi meat (eww gross!). But on the menu it says “juicy beef burger patty, cheese, onion, tomato with meat sauce” and it came with fries on the side. The fries was somehow undercooked and non-crispy. The burger was juicy!

Strawberry Caramel Crepe P100
Tokyo Cafe uses Big Scoop Ice Cream! Yay!!! I love it! Strawberries, whipped cream, drizzled with caramel and topped with strawberry ice cream. Just perfect!

We went home still full and didn’t have dinner at home anymore.


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