Posted by: twisted sunshine | July 12, 2012

Snackaroo – Kamuning, Quezon City

Every time we pass by Kamuning, the smell of grilled steak wafts in the air. Almost always, i want to stop by and try their steak. Snackaroo is located at Judge Jimenez St. Cor. Kamuning in Quezon City. Cheap steak eateries have sprouted like mushrooms in the city. Some of them are airconditioned, Snackaroo is an open air eatery with bad lighting.
Some offer steaks with flavors and siding or unli rice. Snackaroo serves grilled steak with gravy and soup, you have to order rice separately. I was not happy when the rice was served cold. I want piping hot rice with my steak, even warm rice is good.

Grilled steak was served. I was not expecting it to be tender and juicy and flavorful because it was only PhP140.00! The marinade was so good. I loved it. I want more.
We ordered isaw bbq. It was not the best choice. It smelled stale and not for human consumption. We didn’t touch it anymore.
Sinigang na Baka was served piping hot. Thank goodness! I loved how it was not that sour and the beef was tender.
Overall, i would recommend the place if you had a sudden craving for cheap steak!


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