Posted by: twisted sunshine | July 9, 2012

Sachi / Rasa – Araneta Coliseum Center

Two exciting cuisines in one great location!

Sachi, the Japanese half of the resto.

Rasa, the Singaporean half of the resto.

The set menu good for 4.

The bar.

The kitchen.

The table setting.

The Hainanese Chicken meal from Rasa. Don’t be deceived by the way it looks. It looks dry and tough. But once you bite in to the chicken goodness, dipped in the ginger and soy sauce, flavors will burst in your mouth. The fragrant rice compliments the chicken. The meal is PhP199.00, it includes quarter chicken and a bowl of rice. Kind of pricey for me but the taste says it all.

The Bento from Sachi. it has tempura, chicken teriyaki, miso soup, tamago, and yakimeshi rice. The tempura was crunchy and the shrimp was springy, just the way I like it. The yakimeshi rice gave an impact. It was the taste that I have been searching for. The way they mixed in the egg in the rice, it was perfect.
The Seafood Ramen from Sachi. I love the hot and flavorful soup. I fell in love on the first sip. It was heavenly! I wanted more but I was already so full. The noodles were al dente. It has pieces of shrimp and chicken and veggies and the swirly thingie.

I will surely be back to try their other specialties in the menu.


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