Posted by: twisted sunshine | July 1, 2012

Kong Tiak Vegetarian Restaurant

As celebration for my boss’ birthday, we went on to a medical mission. So many people in need but so few resources to share. After the trip, we went to Kong Tiak Vegetarian Restaurant for dinner. Three round tables were reserved and the food was served. The restaurant has only two food servers and a manager who oversees them.

20120629-124442.jpg Hot and sour soup was served first. It was, as the name suggests, hot and sour and has bits of tofu and vegetables.

20120629-124530.jpg Next dish looked like fish fillet in mock oyster sauce. It resembles fish when cut in half with fork.

20120629-124518.jpg Crispy mushroom fritters. My favorite dish! It was crunchy and chewy at the same time. It was served with sauce that was like teriyaki sauce.

20120629-124603.jpg Fried rice with mock ham and veggies. I love the taste but I still long for the egg that should be in fried rice.

20120629-124543.jpg I think this was supposed to be sweet and sour mock pork. The mock pork was so crunchy and the sauce was sour.

20120629-124500.jpg Birthday noodles. It was too salty for my taste.

20120701-075619.jpg It looks like straw golden mushrooms. I love mushrooms! This dish was palate cleansing. Great dish after everything that we had that were either salty or sour. I like this even though it had a certain smell.

20120701-075637.jpg The last dish was beancurd skin in brown sauce. This one was tough and chewy but I like the flavor. Good to partner with rice. Vegetarian meals is not for everybody. Most of my officemates didn’t like the taste of some of the dishes. Still, we went home so full that night. By the way, they also serve Silver Rolls (mantou), fried bread then wrapped in foil. One of my favorite breads, it is crunchy on the outside and sweet and soft on the inside.


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