Posted by: twisted sunshine | June 25, 2012

Agave Mexican Cantina

To view their menu:

20120625-122501.jpg 20120625-123007.jpg A birthday dinner treat for my foodie partner! We tried Mexican food this time and I chose Agave Mexican Cantina. Agave Mexican Cantina serves authentic and creative Mexican dishes (according to their website). They also have bottomless margaritas. I will try that soon! Right now, we just stick to their dishes.

20120625-122727.jpg They have a lot to offer. The one that caught my eye was the fried ice cream. I want to have that for dessert.

20120625-122750.jpg For the drinks, I tried the Mexican Hot Chocolate. It was rich and creamy. I was expecting a bitter taste but the drink was sweet. I didn’t know that Mexicans love sweets or was it sweetened for the Pinoy’s palate? I think I burned my tongue, I drank the hot choco so fast and didn’t realize that it was hot.



20120625-122828.jpg Since Agave has a wide variety of dishes, it was difficult to try just one dish so we decided to order the Mexican Platter. It was served on a really huge platter with banana leaves. It has chicken quesadilla, chile con carne, pork carnitas, fresh mushroom empanaditas, crab & shrimp chile rellenos, beef taquitos, mexican red rice, lime-cilantro rice, corn chips, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream and your choice of salsa. That was a lot of food for only 2 persons.


20120625-122849.jpg I was hating myself for burning my tongue that I couldn’t quite taste anything. But even so, everything was delicious. I love the crab & shrimp chile rellenos. I thought it would be hot since it was a chile but it wasn’t. The chicken quesadilla was cheesy. The chili con carne was great although I had tasted more of the beans than the carne. The beef taquitos were like lumpiang shanghai only mexican style. The rice was aromatic. The pork carnitas were a bit tough and I kept on chewing. The empanaditas were flavorful, I loved it. Most of all, I love the corn chips and the dips!

20120625-122957.jpg I got so full that I haven’t had the chance to try the Agave fried ice cream. I will surely be back for that! To my foodie partner, cheers! May you have more birthdays to come and may we have more time to try out the foods we want to eat!



  1. ok to a!

    nasubukan mo na yung mexican place dun sa may likod ng metrowalk? katabi ng buffalo wings place.

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