Posted by: twisted sunshine | June 24, 2012

Sumo Sam

20120624-085401.jpg It was one of those days when I get Japanese food cravings. Sumo Sam caught my eye while walking in Gateway Mall. Their interiors were cozy with yellow lighting. The wait staff were very accommodating. Our table was set up with a tea-light candle. We were given a very heavy menu book. It was filled with illustrations and descriptions of their extensive menu.



I wasn’t in the mood for sushi, maki or ramen. Our first order was Spicy Chicken Yakisoba, I think. It was good but I got overwhelmed with the chilis. I might have finished 3 glasses of red iced tea.

20120624-085515.jpg We also tried Oysters that were fried with fries on the side. I love oysters but not like this. I like the fries, seasoned with salt and nori.

20120624-085529.jpg Beef Teppan came in a sizzling plate that was not sizzling >;.>; I want the sizzle! The beef rested on a bed of oinions, corn, button mushrooms, and asparagus stems. The seasoned garlic rice was set in the center. I would have loved it except that the beef was well done and charred instead of medium well. The rice was flavorful and the veggies were crunchy. The meal came with 3 sauces for dipping.

20120624-085650.jpg We got so full with our orders that we decided to skip dessert. Flavor-wise, they pass. Price-wise, they fail. I might go back to try their bento at the Greenhills branch.



  1. ok ang food. medyo mahal lang talaga. =)

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