Posted by: twisted sunshine | June 22, 2012

Teriyaki Boy


20120622-113452.jpg After a long day at East Ave Medical Center, my mom and I decided to have dinner before heading home. I had a craving for something Japanese so we went to Teriyaki Boy (Banawe Branch). It was already late, a light dinner would do. We ordered from the menu where the section says low in sodium.



For starters, we had Sesame Crusted Seared Maguro. Mama didn’t like raw fish. I had most of this and it was yummy! I loved the texture, soft maguro and the crunchy sesame seeds. The sliced cucumber and ginger was refreshing.


20120622-113628.jpg We had Tori Brown Rice Nabe next. Although I said that we should have light dinner, I can’t stop myself from ordering this. It was served in a cast iron pot, I liked the presentation. I loved the flavor of the nutty brown rice. It has some pieces of meat, might be chicken, and shiitake mushrooms. I liked the green onion toppings too! Since mama didn’t like raw fish, she placed the maguro in the pot so it will get cooked.

20120622-113639.jpg We ordered some Ika Fry to compliment the brown rice. I was a bit disappointed because the Ika Fry was flavorless but it was soft and crunchy.

20120622-113656.jpg I will surely be back for more sushi and ramen at Teriyaki Boy!


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