Posted by: twisted sunshine | February 15, 2012

Chicken Charlie

A Valentine’s Day dinner special. It has been a stressful few weeks since we moved to our new home. So we decided that instead of going out to eat, we’d get take out and have dinner on the roof deck while watching the stars. (more romantic at mas tipid! lol) I have been craving for Chicken Charlie’s twice fried chicken for the longest time! I’ve eaten there twice already but didn’t take pictures or make a blog post about it. On our way to Banawe, traffic was horrendous! Banawe was like a parking lot, cars were inching their way slowly. I was hungry already! Good thing I saw some kids doing something special for their friends in a nearby resto. Something to distract my hunger.
Finally, we reached Chicken Charlie. The place was packed! We placed our orders and it only took less than 15 minutes when we got our order. It smelled so good, the low-EQ-kid in me want to gobble them up already. So we got home as fast as we could. We hurriedly prepared our dinner, got a table and mismatched chairs out into the roof deck, mama fried up a batch of camaron, turned on the lights and dinner is served! We had the Chicken Charlie -pc combo soy garlic flavor, fries, wedges, Bundaberg sarsaparilla and fried shrimp. yummy soy garlic chicken Everyone was already hungry so when I got to take pictures of the chicken, only 3 were left (there were 8). The chicken was superb! I love the soy garlic chicken. It was so crispy on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside. I love how the flavor seeps right into the bone. It was perfect! The fries and wedges were great too! Compared to other fast food fries, I like Chicken Charlie’s better. The Bundaberg sarsaparilla was the best rootbeer I’ve ever tasted. Mama’s fried shrimp was yummy as usual (NTS: post recipe). I think I’ve finished half of that. LOL! My Valentine’s Day was perfect!


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