Posted by: twisted sunshine | September 27, 2010

Kopi Roti

My sister and I have always wanted to try out Old Chinatown Kopi Tiam. So one Sunday afternoon, we headed out on an adventure. I was supposed to look it up on the map or call to ask for directions but the egoistical male in me insisted that I know the way because I’ve seen it once before. We got lost and we walked all the way to… guess where? KOPI ROTI! LOL! I thought they were the same! Since it was very hot that day and we were already hungry, we settled into Kopi Roti. I’m so glad that we weren’t disappointed with the food. The servers were happy to greet us and let us choose our seats. Kopi Roti is a small shop, about 10 tables max. They also have a table outside, for smokers maybe. After placing our orders, one by one customers went in until the place was packed. They have combo meals which made it easier to choose. Here’s what we got: 1) iced kopi + kaya toast; 2) iced kopi + french toast + soft boiled eggs; 3) iced kopi + peanut butter toast + soft boiled eggs. The iced kopi was good… I’m not a coffee drinker so it was okay for me. But I think they put too much ice. The drink was watered down. I love the kaya toast!!! I can eat this everyday! I wish they made the toast a bit thicker and chewier. I LOVE eggs, especially the soft boiled ones. This has soy sauce and white pepper. You break the yolk and stir then slurp! YUM!!!! The french toast and the peanut butter toast were just so-so… nothing special about them. I wish the peanut butter toast were thinner and crispier. I’ll definitely be back for more! KOPI ROTI Branch we went to is located at Antonia Mansion, Banawe St., Quezon City (Tel. No.: (632)4968491)



  1. Sarap sobra yun food. Thats how they eat eggs in Singapore and Malaysia. Soft boiled and sprinkled w/ soya sauce. Yum!

    Thanks for posting again. 🙂

    • yup sarap nga! i tried to make soft boiled eggs at home… lagi failed… hehehe… i used up half a dozen eggs then stopped lol, i’ll try again next week!

      thanks for reading my blog! =)

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