Posted by: twisted sunshine | April 18, 2009


Greenwich — usual pizza fast food hang out of most people. You may ask why I’m blogging about it since it’s so common like Jollibee or McDonald’s. Well, read on…


April 17, 2009, Isetann Recto Branch

I love pizza and pasta so for a snack, we went to the nearest pizza place from the LRT Recto Station. Greenwich! They have new pizza flavors, the overloaded pizza — grilled beef shawarma, hickory bbq chicken, overload special, meat & cheese overload, cheese & sausage overload, many more.

We ordered cheese & sausage overload and lasagna supreme, my favorites. Perfect thin crust, melt in your mouth mozarella cheese, lip-smacking sausages, all in one pizza. Creamy white sauce, tasty meat filling, piping hot melted cheese, al dente pasta — that’s the lasagna supreme.

While enjoying all of these, we encountered one problem… a cockroach problem. I’m glad I’m not the sensitive type. I didn’t puke or go green… LOL!

I sent a text message to the number posted on the receipt, telling them about the cockroach seen. I got a reply saying that they already requested an additional treatment. I would follow up on this so please stay tuned… LOL!

P.S. Calling Acer Cervantes of Raidex, maybe they can be your next client? 😀

UPDATE: Fogging and misting for the next pest control will be on the first week of May.



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  2. nakakagutom talaga ang blog mo Kimmy… *drools*

  3. This is mouth watering for me. Thanks. I love pasta and pizza too.

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