Posted by: twisted sunshine | March 15, 2009

Adobong Balut

I accompanied my dad to the market this morning. We bought a lot of stuff and one of them is a dozen balut eggs. Since I’m getting tired of steamed balut, I searched the net for variations on cooking balut.

Dinner for tonight is Adobong Balut on Garlic Rice. I got this recipe from Ms. Connie’s site:

balut egg
finely minced garlic
soy sauce
oyster sauce
freshly ground black pepper

– Saute garlic in oil until golden brown.
– Add soy sauce, oyster sauce and the sabaw of the balut into the pan over low fire. Mix well.
– Add the balut but make sure the pan is big enough that the balut will be in a single layer.
– Try to scoop the sauce and drizzle them over the balut. Simmer for 3 minutes.

– Add vinegar. Try not to move the pan or mix the sauce to lessen the sourness of the vinegar. Simmer for 5 minutes.
– Turn off heat and mix the sauce.
– Serve over garlic rice. Enjoy!



  1. goodluck naman sa balut kung umabot pa sya sa kawali while preparing the ingredients, kim! hahaha!

    im definitely trying this! kaso it might be a tough moment habang binabalatan yung balut, im not good at temptation. subok na yan. hehe

  2. mukhang masarap subukan ang adobong balut!
    tingin pa lang masarap na!

    thanks for dropping by my blog. just returning the favor to one of RX’s most revered Rusher! =)

    • wow ngayon ko lang nabasa ito! hahaha ako? one of the most revered rusher??? wow… how flattering! hahaha! thanks for dropping by (kahit na one year late na itong reply ko) LOL! =)

  3. parang masarap ah, hmmm makabili nga mamaya ng balut.

    • thanks for dropping by din =) nakabili ka kaya ng balut last year? LOL!

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