Posted by: twisted sunshine | November 24, 2008

Comfort Food (2)

SPUDS!!!! An alternative to Pringles. I like this better cuz it’s way cheaper and cheesier.

See the cheese powder on the chips? It tickles your taste buds once you take a bite. It satisfies my cravings for salty food or snack. The crunchiness of the chips eases my tensed jawline after eating a few of these.

SPONGE – a choco soaked snack. This satisfies my cravings for chocolate.

I couldn’t capture the chocolate-y goodness with my camera. But I assure you that once you take a bite into it, you’d feel like chocolate is flowing out of the sponge (just like the real sponge). Oishi did great on the concept of this snack. I wonder if they’d make more flavors out of it.



  1. sarap ng sponge ha penge nmn po hekhekhek

  2. sure!!! 😀

  3. I have tasted that SPONGE, it was much better than their (Oishi) Pillows. I recommended SPONGE to my girlfriend and she loved it (well she loves anything that is chocolate or has a chocolate flavor).

    I think I’m going to try that SPUDS.

  4. mas masarap pa din naman ang pringles diba? HEHE.. galing!! 😀 delicious ng blog na to! :d

    • thanks for reading my blog 😀 pero i already have an aquired taste for spuds!!! i love spuds! LOL

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