Posted by: twisted sunshine | November 7, 2008

Mang Inasal — kumbinsing!

It’s Friday night and as for our gimik, Ritchie and Janice decided to try the food stalls at Recto LRT Station. We’ve tried siomai at Yurito’s stall. I like their siomai because it tastes more like pork than extenders. They have garlic chili sauce which makes it tastier. Then we tried takuyaki at Kuya Chito’s stall. Jerry arrived and he asked if we wanted to have dinner… so…

One of the most recent food trips we had… As suggested by Jerry, we went to Mang Inasal. Located at one of the scariest and busiest street in the Metro… Recto. But that didn’t stop us from trying out their food.

Inasal is a type of Filipino dish, more specifically a Bacolod dish. The chicken is marinated with spices then grilled using charcoals.

At the counter of Mang Inasal, there’s a TV on the menu board. A video that teaches you how to eat using your bare hands is playing. They have a simple menu… most of them includes chicken inasal or pork inasal (barbeque) and rice wrapped in banana leaves. You just choose what part of chicken you want.

While waiting for our orders, Janice and Ritchie posed for the camera. LOL!

Our orders arrived. We had pork barbeque and chicken (leg & thigh part) inasal. The meat was tender, just the way I like it! According to the TV guide, this is how you should eat inasal. Open the banana leaves wrapping the rice then break them apart. Pour “chicken oil” then mix the rice using your hands. I’d like it better if there was toasted garlic with the chicken oil. This is best eaten with bare hands.

Mang Inasal has three condiments on the table. (See the bottles below?) The first is vinegar, second is chicken oil then soy sauce. Most people like to make their own sawsawan (dipping sauce) for the inasal. The most common sawsawan is soy sauce and kalamansi. Adding vinegar would make it a bit more sour and hot.

The best part of chicken inasal is that they give unlimited servings of rice. I give two thumbs up for this one. Price-wise, it’s worth it. Taste-wise, it’s delicios-o! (Well, except of the chicken oil, not having garlic) I’d recommend to have another night out at Mang Inasal.



  1. mang isal is the best barbecue ever….. with a combination of sabaw and unlimited rice……….. solve ka tlga

  2. uu nga ehh…actually sa mang inasal aqu grabeh tlga..sarap ng mga pagkain sa mang inasal..tlagang kumbinsing….

  3. hey. thanks for visiting my site.

    I liked mang inasal’s too.

    hehe. pero just a heads up, I dont like the sisig. hehe. if u are on creamy sisig, u should definitely try this one out.

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