Posted by: twisted sunshine | October 6, 2008

Kimbap by Kimchi

Kimbap is Korean style sushi rolls. The main difference is that Japanese sushi rolls are rather minimalistic (you have just a tuna roll or just a salmon roll) whereas Korean kimbap contain all kinds of ingredients, look very colourful and somehow resemble a hearty sandwich. (source:

I made my own kimbap. The ingredients are: cooked rice seasoned with salt and sesame oil, crabstick, chicken spread, nori (seaweed ‘paper’), mayo, egg (optional). You’d be needing a bamboo mat to roll the kimbap.

Put the nori on the bamboo mat and spread rice on it. Put enough rice, not so much because you might have difficulty in rolling. Place the crabstick and chicken spread and mayo in the middle of the rice. Rolling is the hardest part, it might be messy but with practice, this will be easy. Roll it tightly and compress so it won’t fall off later when you cut.

I tried to reverse the layers by putting rice first then the nori. This has been more difficult to roll because the rice is too sticky. A tip is to make sure that the mat is wet before placing the rice to prevent it from sticking to the mat. Use a very sharp knife when cutting these into slices. I’ve tried using a perforated knife and it was messy!


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