Posted by: twisted sunshine | September 7, 2008

Ice Bergs (Ice Cream Parlor)

Ice Bergs has been around since the 90’s I think… They were famous for their halo-halo. This time they went all out and had a full meal menu… from soups, appetizers to desserts. My sister, Keith and I tried the one in Robinson’s Place Manila. We intended to go to a gelato place but I got lost and couldn’t find it and we ended up here. I’m so bad with directions and locations.

Their menu is very nice and colorful with a lot of pictures.

We ordered German Chocolate U-Boat and Mais con Hielo. This one looks like banana split. It has 3 scoops of ice cream (2 chocolate flavor and 1 vanilla flavor), almond shavings, mallows, whipped cream, cherries, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate syrup, chocolate wafer sticks and bananas on the side. This is great for your chocolate cravings.

Mais con Hielo – crushed ice, corn kernels, corn flakes, milk and vanilla ice cream. It’s very refreshing to beat the summer heat.

Taste – great! (it’s ice cream LOL)

Price – not good (pretty expensive)

Place – nice (comfy seats, clean tables and floors, nice walls)

Service – good (waiters are accommodating and fast)



  1. They’re (the waiters) are suppose to be fast 😀 they are serving ICE CREAM! lolz… or else…

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