Posted by: twisted sunshine | August 31, 2008

Redstick BBQ

Redstick Barbeque located at New Manila is only walking distance from work. We had lunch here and tried their barbeque. Their location is small and it’s dark inside even though it’s noon time. You place your order at the counter and take your seat and wait to be served.

We ordered 1/4 chicken barbeque and 1 stick pork barbeque and it comes with rice and soup. For PhP 95.00 it is worth my money.  The chicken is tender and has a smoky taste. The pork barbeque is quite tough but the taste is good. You dip the barbeque in soysauce with calamansi and sili (chilli pepper).

For drinks, Ohnie and I had a glass of iced tea each. It was too sweet for me, good thing there were a lot of ice in it. Ritchie ordered Durian shake. It has choco syrup on the side of the glass. He said the taste is quite all right but the smell…. uuggh! LOL! 😀 

Redstick Barbeque has a website where you can order online:


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