Posted by: twisted sunshine | August 22, 2008


For the past few weeks, I’ve been making sandwiches for breakfast and snacks. I have bought a new toy for my sandwiches too! Bloggers, meet Bob, my sandwich maker 😀 Bob is teflon plated and he toasts sandwiches in 5 minutes. Just wait for the green light to go off and you got your yummy toasted sandwich.

Here are some of the sandwiches I made today.

The first one is cheese sandwich. I grated mozarella and quickmelt cheese and spread butte on one side of the bread then toasted it.

The second one, I got this idea from dRu, is bacon and caramelized onions. I used the sweet onions and chopped it, fried it in butter over low fire, sprinkled salt and pepper. It tastes really yummy by itself.

The third one is tuna with egg and mayo and grated mozarella cheese. This one is a staple at home.

Bob is great too because he makes the sandwiches into triangles. Here are the finished products.

Sometimes, I also use these spreads for the sandwiches. Cream Cheese w/ garlic & herbs are great with spam or grated cheese. Crumpy Duo is a chocolate and hazelnut spread. This one is great with peanut butter or marshmallows.

There are so many recipes for sandwiches. I think if you can stack them, you can make sandwiches out of them.



  1. wicked. antayin ko yung sisig filled sandwiches ha. hehehe.

  2. I loved the bacon sandwich! Grabe! Hindi man tumirik ang mata ko sa sarap may iba namang tumirik so talagang masarap (lolz)

  3. @kiks – basta ba ikaw ang gagawa ng sisig 😉

    @liad – anong iba namang tumirik?? linawin mo hahaha, may mga LXP nakakabasa baka kung ano isipin nila 😛

  4. Kimmy! ito yung sandwich na masarap na pinang-enganyo mo sa akin eh! at hit na hit rin sa kids ko! iba ka talaga! woooot!!!

    “Best way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach!” 😀

  5. well sila na bahala sa imahinasyon 😀 nagfeed lang ako ng info lolz…

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