Posted by: twisted sunshine | July 9, 2008

Aling Banang’s Pansiteria

Aling Banang\'s

After office, Ritchie, Janice and I decided to walk from Gilmore Station to V. Mapa Station. Along the way, after J. Ruiz station, I noticed this small ‘carinderia’. A lot of people were having their early dinner and some were having their food to go. This is Aling Banang 2. Apparently the first branch is along N. Domingo St. The place is quite clean considering it’s along Aurora Blvd. Their prices are quite alright, their servings are enough (for me, at least), but the staff should be more accommodating.

Aling Banang\'s
Along the walls are these posters with pictures of their menu. I’m glad that the pictures don’t differ much from what I’ve ordered. Janice and I ordered Bihon Guisado and Ritchie ordered Miki Guisado.
I like the crunchy lechon kawali toppings! The veggies were not soggy, they were crunchy and fresh. The noodles were cooked just right, no dry and not too salty either.
I finished it and we went on our way. I realized that Gilmore to V. Mapa wasn’t that far… I could walk to work… hmmm… nah… πŸ˜›


  1. Do you happen to have a number for this restaurant? I was wondering if it would be possible for them to provide catering services… Thanks

    • 723-9161 hope that helps πŸ˜€ thanks for viewing my blog!

  2. hi! i tasted your super duper pansit. just want to know if you have delivery service. will you also send me the address and phone number of your branches. thanks and more power. God bless.

    • thanks for visiting my site πŸ™‚

      I’m not the owner of Aling Banang’s and I don’t have their number or exact address… the number posted above can’t be contacted anymore. This branch is along Aurora Blvd., just after the J. Ruiz LRT Station if you’re coming from Cubao.

  3. 744 3568.. I have one, they deliver 24 hrs Monday to Saturday.

    • thanks for visiting my site =) thanks for your input too =)

    • i called this number and the one who answered said it’s a factory, not aling banang’s. anyone who knows their number? thanks

  4. San Juan

    240 Sunday Town Homes, Corazon De Jesus, San Juan City 722-63-98
    45 N. Domingo St., Progreso, San Juan City 744-35-62/744-07-85
    Agora Parking Plaza,Rivera,San Juan City 721-06-7692
    F. Blumentritt, San Perfecto, San Juan City 385-21-71
    210 F. Blumentritt, Salapan, San Juan City 508-44-51
    46Aurora Boulevard, Salapan, San Juan City 723-20-04
    306-2 Boni Serrano, West Crame, San Juan City 744-20-26/379-01-23

    add us on facebook for more info.. ALING BANANG’S

    • thanks for the info =) suki na kami! every week we order one bilao sa office =)

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