Posted by: twisted sunshine | May 27, 2008

World Chicken – Gateway Mall Foodcourt

Every Saturday, we usually have our lunch out of the office. Almost always we get back to the office thirty minutes after one. I’m glad memos aren’t being issued yet. 😛 Last Saturday, we decided to go to Gateway Mall and have our lunch there. We had lunch at World Chicken. They have this signage and neon lights with a picture of a chicken but if you look down the signage, their stall is not there. You have to walk to the far corner to the right to see it.

The menu was very simple and ordering was done in 3 steps. You create your own platter. The platter includes a piece of freshly flame-grilled boneless chicken then you add sauce on the chicken and you choose a side dish. You can have one or two or none.

Grilled Chicken with Mornay Cheese, cheese muffin and potato salad for the sidings – I thought the cheese muffin would have cheese in the muffin, not only on top hehehe! The muffin is a bit dry but it’s soft and it tastes good with the pesto sauce and the mornay cheese.

Grilled Chicken with Corn & Mushroom Gravy, español rice and fetuccine al tono for the sidings – the fetuccine looked kinda bland… the español rice has olives in it that’s why I didn’t order it.

This is my order: Grilled Chicken with Mornay Cheese, Pesto Pasta and Potato Salad. I didn’t like how they grilled my chicken, I think it’s undercooked but the cheese went great with it. The pesto sauce was so so… I was expecting to taste some herbs but it was more creamy than herb-y (?) The pasta was cooked al dente and I liked it. The potato salad needs more dressing and a bit of salt and pepper.

This is good compared to my other experiences with foodcourt food. If you have a great appetite, you should eat here. Their servings are quite big for me.



  1. Wow hindi ko alam na may pagka-food critic ka 😀 try mong i-visit yung Teriyaki Boy! I love the “Yakimeshi” there! gusto ko lang malaman kung ano tingin mo dun sa resto ba yun? hmmm… basta ganun 😀

  2. sige liyad, try kong i-visit ang Teriyaki Boy hehehe maghahanap muna ako ng kasama hahaha para di ako magmukhang tanga kumukuha ng mga pics hehehe 😀

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