Posted by: twisted sunshine | May 11, 2008

My Very First Food Blog

My family and I went to Rai Rai Ken Ramen House & Sushi Bar last Sunday. It is located inside the mall. After we parked and entered the mall, Keith almost dragged my mom to Rai Rai Ken. He loves their teppan yaki udon. But we went shopping for stuff first before we had dinner. This is their entrance. It’s very vibrant, with lots of balloons (I think that’s why Keith wants to eat there because of the balloons!). They have a menu board just by the entrance. I like how very detailed their menu is and if you’re eating japanese food for the first time you won’t go wrong with the explanations. Rai Rai Ken The chairs and tables are nice. There are 3 compartments where you can have more privacy with the curtains. The table setting is pretty simple. I’m surprised when they don’t give you chopsticks unless you asked for them. Not much people eat there because of the prices I think. We were the only customers when we got inside. inside Rai Rai Ken Salmon Balls – nice and crunchy batter outside, soft and creamy inside. I didn’t taste any salmon in it despite the name. Salmon Balls Gyoza – steamed then fried dumplings dipped in vinegar. I personally don’t like vinegar because of the sour taste but this goes well with it. Vinegar balances the oiliness of the dumplings. Gyoza Seafood Hot Pot – I like the soup, it’s tasty and thick. The noodles are cooked just right and it has enough seafood (squid, shrimp, kani, fishballs) and veggies in it. Seafood Hot Pot Chicken Donburi – Rice toppings, the chicken is kinda charred to my liking but the sauce is good. Chicken Donburi Teppanyaki Udon – Last but not the least, the noodles that Keith loves so much. I like the big pieces of shrimp that comes with it. Teppanyaki Udon Choco Banana Shake – Keith ordered this but he didn’t finish it. I don’t think he likes banana that much. shake01 shake02 NOTE: This blog is dedicated to Ben and Suanne for inspiring me to make my own food blog.


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